Thursday, January 22, 2009

No One Said This Was EASY!

Bleck...okay, thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I'm WIPED OUT. But, I did learn something VERY important about myself today that I'd like to share before I go and sleep for the evening.

I am a VERY introverted learner, and I blow through MY OWN thresholds! How weird, right? I figured this out after volunteering to ride in a demo today. It was on the subject of leads and lead changes, and I was REALLY excited to go play with it. I volunteered with gusto, saddled my horse up, paid special attention to warming her up correctly for her horsenality, got to the arena, and played with everything that would help us set up for a good learning experience. Went great...then Prin started to get blocked in Zone 1. Then more blocked. Then more blocked...then...*zoom back head toss, fling fling fling fling!* and then Avery shouts "GET OFF!" But by then she had calmed down. Yet another round of pissed off Prin feedback. And this time, I didn't have my hands on the reins. I'm not going to detail that right now. I'm just too tired and it's still sinking in.

But what I can tell you is that the advice I received in front of 14 people sent me into a round of catatonia I've NEVER been sent to before. So I opted to sit the rest out (best for my horse, anyway) and I realized that the reason was because I am TOTALLY uncomfortable doing hands-on learning in a group situation. It explains everything; my dislike for conga-horse simulations, how little I get out of group lessons and clinic scenarios, and how much I prefer private one-on-one discussions and lessons, and why I can focus in the classroom (I can immerse myself in my head and notes).

Now believe it or not, this is SO going to help me to set my learning up for success. Because see, knowing this, firstly, I can set myself up into situations where I am comfortable, and it'll also help me put a guide-line on for stretching my comfort zone. It really helps to know where that line is, instead of feeling blindly until I ram over my own threshold. So, with that in I go to be an introvert.

Btw, I have pictures from today. Just need to find a computer that has enough brain power to handle them ;)

Savvy on,

F and P


  1. the parelli center seems like a crash course for the brain, and definitely about people training! But I am so glad you are figuring this stuff out, must be hard, although the end perhaps?
    I can see how the group things are more difficult for some people personalities. I am not entirely sure which I prefer. Thanks for the update even if it was frustrating

  2. wow, how interesting and im sure frustrating!
    I agree with Virginia, it sounds like these courses are about way more than horses. Which is good.

    I have a similar problem when around people. I find my self trying to show off and get way out of my comfort zone as well. Im always having to remind my self to NOT go there lol.

    Have a good mental rest this weekend and I cant wait to see pics!