Monday, January 26, 2009

Left-Brain Monday

Ahhhh...That is the sound of my relaxing and getting truly comfortable in my environment for the first time in two weeks.

It's interesting, I've gone through this morning's classes, and NOT ONCE have I felt even the slightest bit unconfident about myself or my horsemanship. I'm not 100% sure on my reasoning, but I think it's probably the energy and teaching style. The previous group of instructors (we've switched) was a group of very RB people. Not to say anything negative at all about RB people or horses, but they brought that side, a part of me I'm really not familiar with in an extroverted situation, hence the discomfort. It's been an interesting thing to examine, I'm really fascinated with what I've learned about myself just in this little compare/contrast, and also in what I've learned in how to set my own learning up for success...I don't anticipate a PERFECT week, of course. I anticipate that if I have problems, they'll be dominance related, probably.

So this morning was much more relaxed and LB for me. I was able to take in and read little details like I used to (or should I say, what I did before I repressed that side of myself subconsciously) and also had NO problem piping up in class and asking questions to my heart's content :)

So all's well. I'm off for lunch now, and then back out to play UDT this afternoon, it's about 80 degrees, so Neither Prin or I will be up for romping around like crazies. Though the pond is looking more inviting!

Anyway, savvy on, love you all!

F and P


  1. That's Great that it is Getting Better and your getting more LB now I can see being around other RB people would make you more RB also Have Fun

    Have a Great day!

  2. Thats very interesting about the different teaching styles.

    Have fun this week!

    oh, and if you have time PICTURES!! :D


  3. Dido's!!!!!
    I am glad you feel more LB!!!!!!!!
    "It's about 80 degrees" YOU LUCKY DOG!!!LOL
    It is about 10 degrees here. (Yuck) Ow Well!!!

  4. I second that, Virge!! lol :) You must be having a lot of fun Fran. I can't wait for the pictures! :)