Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Body Awareness?

I have that?! Seriously?! i do! In the past 3 days, I've really come to the realization as a person that I am really freaking inflexible. So the range of motion that I have (or actually, HAD now)was what was preventing my horse from having the ability to perform L3/4ish lateral maneuvers.

I have really thrown myself into figuring this out in this course, though. I've been aware of a lack of awareness, but I had no idea where to begin, and I"m really finding a new respect for the ladder the Parelli system has built up to help people figure out what their bodies are doing. I'm really and truly thinking about finding out where I can find one of those damn seat builders, I've learned so much on them. Also I'll be investing in a big exercise ball for ME (not my horse to attack...for once!)

So: what has come of this? RIBS! I HAVE RIBS! At the beginning of this course, I had NO IDEA how to flex my ribs correctly, let alone change the bend gracefully, and also cause my horse to move correctly based upon it. That almost 2 years of "C'mon, c'mon, it's just a half-pass right!" is really starting to make sense--you should see MY half-pass right! *Cringe* I'm so over feeling bad about it, though. I'm a student, and as a student, unless I do the same thing after receiving new information, I cannot make a mistake. That has really relieved some tension, for sure.

Other than that, I really am just going to start focusing on isolations, again. Prin and I both have some body awareness to keep building and playing with. I've opted to take the afternoon off to just play with little things (My LBI is going to love this, it's slow and varied)and see if I can build with the knowledge I already have, rather than totally overloading myself like I did last night. That was too far out of my comfort zone!

So anyway, savvy on, and seriously, one day I will have pictures for you...

Savvy on,

F and P


  1. WOW!!!!
    Body Awareness!!!!
    I love Reading this blog so much!!!
    How is Farrah doing?
    I am doing much better with my horse's.
    What should I save my money for? Lesson's with Farrah,Save for a decent Saddle. Or is their something that would be better for me to save for?

  2. you better post freaking pictures woman. AND you update FAR too infrequently for my taste. You have been there almost 2 weeks and we have what...3 blogs? poo.
    But anyway, on with the positives! I am so glad you are learning so much so you can teach me and my inflexible horse (I have mable in mind for this one) Todd is too flexible for his own good. haha.

  3. Cool stuff! I cant wait to hear what else you learn!

    I hope you had fun this afternoon and keep the posts coming :D


  4. Fran, I'd love to hear more about what you're doing to develop your body awareness...I know that's an issue for me!

  5. GO FRAN!

    Sounds like you really had a good day.
    Keep it up, woman!
    Fraaaan, woo!

    -Insert pom pom shakeage.- ;D

  6. YES, I agree with Virge, update more often! (I also agree with the statement, "poo".)

    I know how hard it must be to tear yourself away from Parelli Land to the computer, but FIGHT IT, FRAN, FIGHT IT! (And I am awaiting those pictures, also! Tsk.)

    Body awareness sounds interesting, but you're in the best place to learn it, of course. I totally have issues with that, I'm sure, so I can't wait to hear about what you learn from it.

    And just a tip for improving your ribs: Dressage movements. Without a horse. I do it all the time at high school, when I'm going from class to class, that's why I'm so popular. All the boys just dig my half passes. They love my flexible ribs.

    Also, keep trying to convince the faculty of the magic of AIM. I still await the day I can IM Pat Parelli and send him YouTube videos of fat kids falling down stairs and have him reply with a simple, but honest, 'LOL'.

    I also want to add that I am posting this at about 3:30 in the morning.
    I am in an insane medium between 'dead tired' and 'totally hyper'.
    I am jiggied up on coffee, the fact that there's no school tomorrow because of snow, snow, and Obama.

    And that is why this post is probably five times longer than it should be. And with that, night! Have a smashing good day tomorrow!


  7. ^completely unrelated, but are you SURE you aren't on Crack. And I can't believe NC got snow, my house got snow, and we didnt. ahhh